About Us

So you pride yourself in the fact that you’re well versed in the Dallas food scene? Then you have most likely already tasted these constantly exquisite culinary creations.  If you’ve ever been to their past places of employment then maybe we should just skip to the menus.  We’re talking about the men who preferred to stay out of the spotlight to focus on their crafts.  The limelight or fame was never their focus.   Being a huge part of the success and exposure to the Japanese food scene in Dallas, the duo –former General Manager of Tei-an, Yosuke Fukuda and Chef Hiroshi Suzuki (Tei Tei and Japan Airlines First Class) have partnered to create more than just a catering company.  The name, Y’s Kitchen Catering, is a small reflection of the owners - modest and understated.  Both Mr. Fukuda and Chef Suzuki have had this driving passion for making customers ecstatic for as long as they can remember.  Y’s Kitchen Catering is going to bring to DFW what you will not find anywhere else, a full-service catering company for parties small or large and ranging from a friend’s get together to weddings or anything in-between. 

Picture this.  You’ve got people coming into town from all over the nation (let’s face it, this is Dallas).  Sure, you could make reservations at one of the many sushi restaurants in town like everyone else.  Or, you could call Yosuke and setup an event that will leave your guests wondering why they don’t (yet) live in Dallas.  Greet your guests, at your place or any place for that matter and offer them a taste of the signature Dish.Pour them a glass of champagne and let them know that hors d’ oeuvres are already being prepared.  Shortly after dinner is served and this will likely be the second (or third) time that your guests will start to wonder why Dallas has something to offer that others cities do not.  From the hand selected veggies, premium meats, and freshest sushi selections, Chef Suzuki will not disappoint. This is what he was born to do and you will soon understand.  This is not a restaurant experience; this is an experience where you and your guests are the only focus.  When you and your guests are finished devouring and still wondering how this could happen in Dallas, you can finish off with the Southern Hospitality that we all fell in love with or have always loved; a small treat from the chef.
On the other side of the spectrum, if you are not looking to pull out the red carpet just yet, then ask Yosuke for a less formal and more casual event.  No worries, Y’s Kitchen can do sushi where Chef Suzuki is rolling hand rolls, cut rolls or nigiri for your birthday (or any) event at the pool.  If you haven’t ever thought about eating a spicy yellowtail hand-roll or salmon sushi after taking a dip in the pool, then we’re just not on the same page and you’ve been missing out on the kind of daydreaming you really should be having. 
Now that we’ve gotten past the types of events that can be done, it’s time to get down to the questions that I’m sure you’re wondering about.  Keep in mind that these events are custom tailored to you and your guests so they can be based on an overall budget or a budget per-person, or any level of extravagance you are looking for.  Menus from $50/person or $500 per event, to … (if you like foie gras, wagyu and lobster and caviar, $50/$500 might not cover it).
Chef Suzuki also specialized in Italian cooking in Japan, but has recently honed his skills with sushi and Japanese cooking.  Yosuke Fukuda was a competition bartender when arriving in the states and shortly after realized that his passion was in providing the whole experience.  Possibilities are endless with this company.  For more information, contact Yosuke Fukuda at 972-757-3291, email at ysjpn@yskitchencatering.com, or visit the website