About Us

So you pride yourself in the fact that you’re well versed in the Dallas food scene? Then you have most likely already tasted these constantly exquisite culinary creations.  If you’ve ever been to their past places of employment then maybe we should just skip to the menus.  We’re talking about the men who preferred to stay out of the spotlight to focus on their crafts.  The limelight or fame was never their focus.   

Being a huge part of the success and exposure to the Japanese food scene in Dallas, the duo –former General Manager of Tei-an, Yosuke Fukuda creates more than just a catering company.  The name, Y’s Kitchen Catering, is a small reflection of the owners – modest and understated.  Mr. Fukuda has had this driving passion for making customers ecstatic for as long as they can remember.  Y’s Kitchen Catering is going to bring to DFW what you will not find anywhere else, a full-service catering company for parties small or large and ranging from a friend’s get together to weddings or anything in-between.